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Up and Down the Burj Khalifa

Standing at an impressive 828 metres the Burj Khalifa is the (current) World’s tallest building but what is it like inside? And more importantly, is it worth the hype?

Located adjacent to the Dubai Mall (which also happens to be the worlds second largest shopping centre), the impressive Burj Khalifa was six years in the making. It towers above everything else in Dubai and impressive views can be witnessed from every angle at the top.

In this picture you can (just) make out the still incomplete "World Islands", a man made archipelago 4km off shore. Once completed it will be used for luxury housing in a very private setting.

When we went, there were two ticket types one to go to levels 148 (exclusive lounge) 124 & 125 and the other to visit just levels 124 & 125. The price difference between these tickets vary due to peak and off peak hours but this can be as much as 384AED (around £83 at times of writing). Is it worth it? I’m not sure it is. On one hand yes, being higher up means in theory you can see more but because the Burj Khalifa is so tall, the difference in views really isn’t much at all. With the more expensive ticket you do receive some refreshments but a bit of juice and coffee in my opinion is not worth that extra cost. Level 148 is a lounge area with an outdoor viewing platform whilst levels 124 and 125 have outdoor viewing platforms but are far more touristy. On level 125 for instance you can buy Dubai related souvenirs or a bottle of Burj Khalifa water (don't judge we were thirsty).

I did enjoy the views from above the city but I was really entertained by what was at the bottom of the Burj; the Dubai Fountain.

This is a view of the fountain from atop the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai Fountain is a spectacle of dancing water to music at the base of the Burj Khalifa. It probably isn’t a surprise to read that this is in fact the worlds largest choreographed fountain show. These shows occur every half an hour from 6pm to 11pm, they really do gather a crowd. We set up right opposite the Burj Khalifa for the best views and we were certainly not disappointed. To the music of Adele’s Skyfall, the water danced its way around the fountain creating some mesmerising shapes. I was thoroughly impressed with this show.

So is it worth going up the Burj Khalifa? I would say yes for the views and to say you've been up the tallest building in world. Is it worth forking out an extra £80 each to go a few more levels up? Probably not if I am being honest. It is however, absolutely worth staying around the Mall at the base of the Burj for the fountain show (forgot to mention, it is completely free). The choreography of the water does change quite often so you can see different water shows at different times. For an alternative angle of the water show, the Nike store over looks the fountain area. The staff don't seem to mind if you watch from their window.

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