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Wembury, Devon, England

The warm summer of 2019 in England was perfect for a mini "staycation" so we decided to hit the motorway and head down to the Devonshire Coast.

We visited Wembury, a small village just South East of Plymouth famed for its walking trails and large expanse of rockpools. The scenery was beautiful to take in as we explored the rockpools, looking for any signs of aquatic life.

Looking out across the English Channel from Wembury Beach is the Giant Mewstone, an uninhabited rocky island which has an interesting history as well as famous painting by JM Tuner. Nowadays it is a bird sanctuary and people are forbidden to visit however, it once was a smugglers hideout and even a prison island.

We stayed just a ten minute walk down the road at the Langdon Court Hotel. This Hotel dates back to the creation of the Domesday Book as a Baron’s Estate. It later became the home of Catherine Parr, the sixth (and final!) wife of Henry VIII and passed on to Queen Elizabeth I. The hotel itself is in a beautifully quiet setting and is a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The next morning we awoke to a chilly mist in the air. We decided to try and get as close to the Mewstone as we could and try and get some good photographs. The light was not really on our side but we made a good go of it.

It can be refreshing sometimes to explore some culture and history on your own doorstep and enjoy what your country has to offer. You may discover something you never thought you would.

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