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A Journey Through Italy Part 2: The Wedding!

Apologies for the long gap between posts but I have been rather busy.

This post is the second part of our trip to Italy from summer 2018.

We boarded the train from Rome to the Umbrian city of Perugia, having to make a change half way through the journey. From our initial impressions of Italian trains using the Leonardo Express from the airport, we thought we would be travelling in a lovely air-conditioned coach with loads of leg room and space to put our luggage.

Oh, how we were wrong.

All of a sudden, the €25 return tickets no longer looked like a bargain. As temperatures soared in the cabin, more and more people were squished onto the train that looked as though it had been built in the 1950s (this is coming from someone that uses trains in England!). The second half of the journey was much more comfortable, after making a change at Foligno we got on a high-speed train that took us into Perugia (hooray for aircon).

We did not get to see much of Perugia itself as we were whisked off into the rolling Umbrian hills to our beautiful and remote location which coupled as a fantastic venue for a wedding!

Sprawling hills of Olive trees surrounded Borgo Colognola, with breath taking views from every angle.

As family came together under the setting sun, we were all getting ready for tomorrow’s wedding.

The next day we awoke to the sounds of the rooster and everyone was in a hurry to make sure everything went perfectly. There was only one thing that was out of our control; the weather.

There were reports of thunderstorms coming, which would completely ruin an outdoor wedding. As the crowd gathered and beautiful melodies being produced by a trio of string players, we all waited for the bride to make her appearance. Suddenly, the sounds of the violins were interrupted by the crashes of thunder and cascades of lightning. We were worried that this meant the rain was coming… and it did(ish)!

Luckily for the Bride, Groom and all the guests, there were only a few drops and after about an hour of thunder and lightning, the sky cleared, and it was a perfect day for the wedding.

The setting was gorgeous.

The Bride and Groom looked amazing.

In the evening we all sat down to a fantastic meal along with the speeches and merriment. It was great fun chatting to family we had not seen in ages and having a good catch up, and reminiscing on the past.

A big thankyou to Adam and Laura for letting us share in their special day and it will be one to remember for decades to come. We wish them a fantastic future together and look forward to seeing them again later in the year.

Unfortunately, the next day we had to return back to Rome in order to catch our flight, but we had such a great time at Borgo Colognola.

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