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Iceland: Blue Lagoon Spa

The Blue Lagoon has become one of the ‘must do’ activities when visiting Iceland. The geothermal blue baths and breath-taking surroundings make for a fantastic day/evening out. Nay-sayers complain that the geothermal spa pools are not natural and I believe wrongly so. Yes, the silica rich pools are effectively run off from the nearby geothermal power plant. However, this is just a testament to how resourceful a nation the Icelandic are; innovators in renewability. The spa would not be open without the waters being special. The high silica content of the blue water is said to be great for those with skin ailments such as psoriasis and for those without ailment, well is simply great to relax in and take in the beautiful Icelandic scenery.

Blue Lagoon is popular, very popular. Booking in advance is an absolute must and the cheapest package may not always be the best option. When we visited, I booked six months in advance and plumped for the Premium option (ISK 10200 pp). Since we knew we would make the most of our experience we want to spend all day there (you can spend all day in the Lagoon with your ticket). This meant we would be hungry at some point, so a table at the LAVA restaurant turned out to be a great idea. The food was fantastic and complemented the view perfectly. I would personally recommend the fillet of beef if it is on the menu when you visit.

Getting to and leaving the lagoon can be done via bus (or car if renting). The buses run often and until late and tickets can be purchased in advance. We spent hours in the lagoon and as the sunset, a blizzard of snow swept across the sky. It was perfect. We had a couple of glasses of bubbly while we were there and unfortunately the wind took one of mine!

The Premium package supplied us with bathrobes, which were very useful since the wind was quite bitter that day. Just make sure you remember where you left them as there are many more robes than hooks at the lagoon.

In the of Spring 2018, they are opening a hotel at the Lagoon. With the mountain views and unique location, I can only imagine that it will be a fantastic stay.

The Lagoon is fantastic and one cannot leave Iceland without visiting. If you have any more questions about the Lagoon or anything else, you can email me on info@smarchant.com.

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