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Sevillian Tapas

Seville: city of tapas. Walk through any of the main squares and back streets and you will see that every other building is a bar, restaurant or bodega serving the best that Seville has to offer. We tried tonnes of dishes during our time in this historic city. Here is a run-down of some of the tastiest tapas we found:


A plate of cold pork belly pieces reminiscent of jerky in texture, marinated in spices and garlic. A really tasty and garlicky tapa.

Sepia a la Plancha

This grilled cuttlefish was delicious with its garlic and basil dressing.


These pig or beef cheeks are stewed in a rich meaty sauce with wine. The meat is tender and soft and tastes fantastic. This is a very popular dish in Seville.


Salmorejo is a thick Gazpacho-like cold soup, served with either a hard boiled egg or a jamón ibérico (ham) topping. Whereas Gazpacho uses a range of different vegetables to get its unique flavour (including cucumber), Salmorejo only uses tomato and garlic to create a rich and refreshing dish. Salmorejo is Andalusian and is very popular in Seville and Córdoba.

Jamón Ibérico

In almost every bodega you will find a collection of cured ham legs hanging from the ceiling above the bar. This ham comes from a black pig native to the Iberian peninsula. It is at its best served thinly-sliced with some crusty bread.

Tortilla Español

A well-known dish all across the world, Spanish omelette is thick and made with potatoes, onion and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is commonly served cold. A large slice is served as a tapa.

Espinacas con Garbanzos

According to locals, this spinach and chickpea tapa was invented by the very bodega that claims to have invented tapas; El Rinconcillo. Founded in 1670, this bodega remains very popular today. Scores of people wait for the doors to open at 1pm and within minutes, the place is full of locals and tourists alike.

The spinach and chickpea dish is slightly spicy with complementary textures.

Ensaladilla Rusa

"Russian salad" is a Spanish potato salad with large chunks of tuna mixed together with peas and peppers. It is served cold and is very moreish, particularly tasty on fresh crusty bread.


Olives are served with everything in Spain, and Seville remains firm to this rule. There are endless varieties available; most being served unpitted. We were told by a local that the olives stuffed with cornichons are nicknamed "rapist olives" for the obvious reason...

Patatas Bravas

A garlic and tomato sauce accompanies cubes of fried potato, occasionally topped by alioli. This iconic tapa was one of our favourites for sure.

Cola de Toro

Braised oxtail is especially popular during the annual "Feria de Abril" celebration, springing up on menus all around Seville. Served on the bone, the texture is similar to that of Carrillada but with a beefier punch.

There is an endless array of great tapas to try in Seville, including bacalao con tomate and pringá. We noted from our time in Seville that you need not spend money at the most expensive establishments in order to experience excellent tapas. Often the oldest bodegas, frequented by locals, serve the most authentic dishes. Why not try them all yourself? Flights run daily from most major airports in the UK, with budget airlines taking you straight into Seville international airport.

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