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Best of Dublin - Top 5

Dublin is an extraordinary city with a rich history and great atmosphere. You'll meet some of the nicest people in the world in Ireland's cosmopolitan capital. Here's a run down of five things you must do when in Dublin:

1- Take a literary tour:

The home of such literary greats as James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and Brendan Behan, Dublin has created some of the greatest novels of all time. One of the best evenings we had in Dublin was taking the literary tour hosted by Colm Quilligan. Using writers stories, old folk tales and acting out famous Irish plays, the crowd were putty in the host's hands. Throughout the evening we stopped at various locations across the city relevant to the literary greats hearing about tales of old. Every so often we would stop at a few pubs where writers used to go when they had writers block, and the hosts would tell us to find the hidden clues around these iconic buildings before heading on to the next spot. A wonderful evening you must experience in person!

2- Drink a Guinness:

A bit of an obvious one, granted, but essential nevertheless. Of course having a taster session at the Guinness factory is excellent and very popular, but the atmosphere in a proper Irish pub is like no other. If you want a great pint of the black stuff walk or take a bus over to Glasnevin Cemetery and have a pint at the John Kavanagh. Afterwards take a walk in the cemetery and see if you can spot the grave of Michael Collins, a political figure who spearheaded a campaign for Irish independence in the 20th century. The museum at Glasnevin will be able to tell you a lot more about the history of the cemetery including some dark tales.

3- Visit Trinity College library:

Ireland's largest library engulfs two floors of the architecturally enthralling Trinity college. Packed within the 6 million books found inside the library one can find the book of Kells.

The book of Kells is a illustrated Latin book containing gospels of the New Testament amongst other texts. The book is said to be over 1500 years old and comes in 4 volumes. Only two of these volumes are displayed at one time, with a rotation of the rest occurring throughout the year. Both the inside of the library and the book of Kells are a must do for any visitor of Dublin.

4- Have a picnic in St Stephen's Green:

St Stephens Green is a beautiful park in the heart of Dublin. When the weather is nice it is a great place to sit and watch the world go by. If the weather is good why not enjoy a picnic with friends?

5- Get lively at Temple Bar:

When the drinks are flowing and the music is playing there's no better atmosphere than Temple Bar. Located on the south bank of the Liffey this area comes alive at night and is popular with both tourists and locals. You'll find yourself dancing the night away into the early hours and enjoying the nightlife Dublin has to offer.

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