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Best of Abu Dhabi - Top 5

UAE's capital is often overlooked by its brother Dubai but without visiting Abu Dhabi, you will miss out. From palatial hotels to soft sandy beaches, Abu Dhabi has those cosmopolitan vibes mixed with rich Emirati culture. Here is a quick run down of the 5 things you cannot miss while in Abu Dhabi:

1- Have a cocktail at Ray's Bar

High up on the 62nd floor of the Etihad towers is Ray's Bar, a cosmopolitan stylish bar with panoramic views of downtown Abu Dhabi. Be sure to try their amazing cocktail selection and take in the ambience. We went at night time for an urban view like no other.

2- Stroll around the Grand Mosque

The beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is open to people of all faiths to look around and appreciate its architectural beauty. This is a must see in Abu Dhabi, especially the decorative floral floor in the middle of mosque and the worlds largest carpet.

3- Eat a shawarma

This quick meal is very popular in this part of the world. A perfect balance between chicken, fries and garlic sauce wrapped up in a pita bread makes up this well known dish. You will often find Emiratis eating shawarma for lunch, so why not copy the locals and try it out for yourself?

4- Take a kayak tour around the mangrove

Arguably the most beautiful part of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, the Mangrove National Park stretches over 100 kilometres. This area of stunning natural beauty is full of interesting wildlife such as violet crabs and flamingos. Going with a guide you can explore the mangroves and learn all about the environment alongside a more intimate experience with nature.

5- Spend the evening in the desert

After surfing the dunes in 4x4 there's no better view than watching the sun set with some tasty Arabic food. Enjoy quad biking, camel riding and dune surfing before being entertained under the stars.

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