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Desert Safari

A must do when visiting the Middle East is to go for an adventure in the desert. We spent an afternoon in the Arabian desert dune bashing, sandboarding, eating and enjoying some entertainment once the sun had set. The sunset was incredible and pictures really do not do it justice.

Dune bashing in the 4x4s was an exhilarating experience. We spent about half an hour riding up and down dunes, going some pretty decent speeds at unimaginable gradients. Sometimes the 4x4s slide down the dunes sideways, causing some in the vehicle (in our case a Swedish lady) to scream. Loud.

Check out this GIF of our view from inside the 4x4:

The Dunes were pretty steep in parts so filming it was certainly difficult. The driver told the group that recently, the desert in this area was used to film Star Wars Episode VII and VIII, the ideal location for Jakku no doubt (apologies if you have no idea/interest in Star Wars).

After we had met some friendly camels, we climbed to the top of some dunes to have a go at sand boarding. Once you've gone down a few times and fallen over, you grasp the hang of it (insert falling over action shot). Once you've gained momentum on the board and feel the air rushing past, it is exhilarating. The hidden bonus is that walking to the top of the dunes each time you reach the bottom, is a great leg workout.

Now that we've done sandboarding I think it is time to try snowboarding somewhere.

We had food and drink under the stars, an array of Arabic delights whilst a dancer entertained everyone. Our meal included fattoush, (a delicious arabic salad like side) barbecued meats and humous. The humous over in UAE was the best I've ever had. Once we had eaten, it was time to head back into the city.

It was great to experience something that just isn't possible in England. I managed to bring a bit of the desert back home with me since no matter how many times I clean my trainers, I seem to still be finding sand between my toes after a day out.

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