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Canals and Lights in Copenhagen!

Since 2018, Copenhagen has been hosting an arts festival of a different nature. During winter time the city lights up. Artists, students, businesses and non-profit organisations all come together to produce light up art installations.

The idea is to bring a bit of cheer to those dark winter nights.

We took a guided canal tour around the harbourside to see what all the fuss was about. Here are some of the highlights:

The first was 'Blue Horizon', located in the stock exchange. I love the spire of this building, which is known as the winding dragon tower. Signifying the use of the stock exchange over 400 years since it was built, artists have decorated the windows with blue light.

Next, we saw BÅD or BOAT as it is known in English. The light is in the shape of an old fishing boat. The boat signifies leaving and returning; life and death. Seafaring is an important part of Danish heritage and cultural identity.

The triangle shaped sculpture above (The Wave), also had a sound element, which was operatic. The gates of lights represent travelling down a human trachea, with each triangle gate lighting up with colour as you pass through it.

The green light is an homage to the Danish physicist Niels Bohr who helped discover the modern day atomic structure. It stretches 4km across the city.

There were loads more of the light festival to see, it is definitely worth having a wander around downtown Copenhagen to take it all in and even interact with some of the pieces. For a quick informative tour, the canal ride was totally worth the 125DKK each. We even got to have a beer onboard the boat!

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